Homeopathy: Science or Myth?

Homeopathy is an alternative philosophy that believes highly diluted substances have the ability to stimulate the body to heal itself.Homeopathy, based on discoveries by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, pre-dates what we call.Homeopathy is fast acting in acute conditions such as infections, fever, diarrhea, etc.

Dr (Mrs) Smita Nisanth Dr K M Nisanth Nambison. Myth 1. Homeopathy is an unproved science.If we try to understand homeopathic remedies as a different area of science other than chemistry then we can know how a homeopathic.THE TRUTH ABOUT HOMEOPATHY - Dispelling the MYTHS that Surround it.

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MYTH: Homeopathy is slow acting. TRUTH:. They state this in ignorance of modern science.Fact: Increasingly the theoretical foundations of homeopathy are being.Fact: Homeopathy is based on experimental pharmacological and clinical data.

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Facts And Myths About Homeopathy people having lots of myth in mind homeopathy safe and in some cases this is very fast acting having the natural substance.

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Myths Facts- this page deals with the commonly prevalent myths about homeopathy and presents some important facts about mindheal homeopathy.

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Science-Based Medicine: Exploring issues and controversies in the relationship between science and medicine.Homeopathy: Myths versus Facts Myth: The theoretical foundations of homeopathy are inconsistent with established science.

The science of homeopathy is dedicated to the study of the physics, biochemistry and biological action and clinical use of succussed dilutes: This is the science of.Homeopathy is a science based on sound logic and vast experimental data. It is a myth that medicines act slowly.In this article, I would like to dispel a plethora of myths surrounding homeopathy which have been used.

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Homeopathy is a genuine medical treatment - Homeopathy has failed every. 20 Science and Medical Myths.

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Good physical science dealing with historical myths and urban. homeopathy must be a myth.Why should homeopathy be exempt from a fundamental precept of sound science.

Myth 1. Homeopathy has no science behind it (false) Samuel Hahnemann, the creator of homeopathy, was a doctor and chemist who attended the University of Leipzig and.

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Live blog: Homeopaths and critics of homeopathy have been called before the science and technology select committee to make their case.Holistic healing is the foundation of Dr. Sandra. Homeopathy: Science or Myth.

Posts about myth written by homeopathy4health. However this is not the case as has now been shown by several fields of science outside of homeopathy 4.

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Despite its popularity, homeopathy treatment is regarded as quackery.

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I would also encourage you to read a wonderful article about Science and Homeopathy by a scientist.

The healing potential and description of homeopathic remedies, as determined in homeopathic pathogenic trials (HPTs) and verified by medical experience, are often.Homeopathy is a full-fledged medical science which requires rigorous study.MYTH: Homeopathy science does not need any course or degree anybody can practice it just by reading few books.The Lancet article in August 2005 raised a lot of questions on the efficacy of Homeopathy.

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Homeopathic medicines are always same alike made up of sugar pills, no matter what.

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In Belgium, for example, 4000 doctors prescribe homeopathic medicines routinely.

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